I’ve got a bad case of baby fever right now. It might be the result of the recent births of so many little ones in my family and circle of friends and co-workers this summer. They say more children are born during the summer months than at other times of the year, and those who made their entrance in June and July are holding up their heads, smiling and doing all sorts of cute baby tricks. And yes, I’ve taken notice. The subject is a sensitive one for me because I’ve had treatment for breast cancer. As October is the time when we “think pink” to honor those who have survived, it’s also time for me to make a decision about getting pregnant. My oldest child is seven and has wanted a sibling for a few years now.

When I was first diagnosed, I immediately thought my chances of having a baby naturally were gone. I was so wrong – thousands of women get pregnant, and with close monitoring and talking with her care provider can expect to give birth, and in some cases, breast feed her child. Since I stopped treatment, I’ve been focused on regaining my stamina and health. I’ve lost so much weight and toned my body overall that I’ve lost pounds but gained inches in calves and thighs. So I’m going to shop 6pm and buy a few things that will fit properly. I’ve shopped 6pm for years now and loved how stylish their plus size dresses, tops and bottoms look on me. In fact, I find items for the whole family on the site. Just yesterday they had the cutest little crib shoes. They were so sweet I wanted to bite them.

When I searched Groupon, I found coupon codes I can use to save additional dollars off their already budget friendly prices. They carry the designers I love like Nic + Zoe, Tart, Lucky Brand, Becca and more. They have soft, feminine profiles and sexy tops that have made me feel so good about myself, I flirt so much with my husband he can barely keep his hands off me. So, yeah, it’s time I did something about this baby fever I’m feeling. Cause right now, I’m feeling good.